Thursday, August 20, 2009

Up and atom

Another day ahead of me. Uh oh, I hear Adrian awake in his crib. Ever since we moved the computer out of the unused bedroom, it's harder for me to accidentally wake him up, as the two bedrooms are right next to each other. The master bedroom, where the computer is now, has a lot more space between us and the kids.

We weren't planning on having any daycare kids today, as their mom is off for the day, so I think we're going to hit the ground running this morning and start looking for some more kids that Haily can watch. She talked with one of her friends about what's been going on, and knows some of the ladies in our ward who are also doing daycare. One of the people she spoke with mentioned that there have been times she's only watched a child for a week or less, and indicated the mother may have just wanted to get the kids out of her hair for a little while. We're hoping some of the daycare moms in our ward might be able to send some kids our way if they're already full.

I think it's been good for Haily to have this experience, and I hope we can make this work. It hasn't stopped Haily from looking for work, but it would work out better for us if we can provide daycare.

Uh oh, I think McKenna heard me typing. I think she's hiding in the hallway just out of my sight.

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