Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moved it all around

Well, we're making some changes around our home. Haily has begun a day care service. Unfortunately, any job offers that have come along wouldn't pay enough for us to put our kids in daycare ourselves, so we figured this might be a better option.

We've spruced up our little used front room and moved several toys out there. We took the computer out of the unused bedroom and moved it into the master bedroom, then moved a bookcase from the front room to the unused bedroom. I'm not sure how long that bedroom will remain unused, because McKenna will need her own room soon, while Adrian and the baby will be in the other.

We're currently watching three children every afternoon. They are all brothers and sisters. The youngest is three and he and Adrian have been tearing up and down the house. He's had fun with someone other than McKenna around. The other two children are in Kindergarten and first grade, and they will usually arrive around 3 in the afternoon. Their mom works until eight. McKenna's having fun with them as well, and is adjusting pretty well to having three other kids around. I have to wonder how my Mom dealt with all of this noise. Then again, we could be sent to the basement or outside for hours.

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