Friday, November 12, 2010

Day #8: Your favorite villain

My favorite villain is . . . Procrastination!!!

Sorry I've fallen so far out of step with updating my blog. I'm inspired by my friends and family who take the time to update on a daily basis, and I've got the time in the afternoons, when I'm not wrangling kids, to focus on blogging.
When I saw this topic, I really was not sure which villain to choose from (maybe that's the reason I took so long - yeah, that's the ticket). Maleficent and Chernabog make up the biggest of the baddies, and you can't argue with the too-close-to-real-life villany of Lady Tremaine, Cruella De Ville, MacLeach, and Madame Medusa. Jafar, Captain Hook, Yzma, Gaston, Hades, the Horned King, the Wicked Queen, Mad Madame Mim, Strombolli . . . nearly every Disney movie has a definable villian.

But who is the ultimate villain. Which one encompases the whole of the Disney pantheon of evil?

He had a pegleg once . . .

Pete, once known as Peg-Leg Pete, actually pre-dates Mickey. Pete, looking more like a bear, first appeared in Walt Disney's Alice Comedies, a series of mixed live action and animated shorts in which a little girl from the real world interacts with the cartoon world. Pete was also featured in Disney's Oswald cartoons as a major villain.

Pete terrorized Mickey as the owner of the steamboat in Steamboat Willy. He's been both a sheriff and outlaw. He's locked horns with Donald, Pluto, and Chip and Dale. Pete's turn as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come in "Mickey's Christmas Carol" was probably the first time I recognized his character, and as the spectral representation of death frightened this 7 year old.

Even some of his most recent turns have been interesting, as the harsh neighbor of Goofy on "Goof Troop." In one of his most diabolical schemes, he manages to turn the goof against his own son in "A Goofy Movie." Pete continues his villainy in the "Kingdom Hearts" video games, and has a role in the upcoming "Epic Mickey"

In all, Pete's been around the longest, and has been up against the best of them, yet he still keeps coming back for more.

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