Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trying to be strong

I know and I realize I need to be next to my wife, supporting her every step of the way, and I am happy to do that. Unfortunately, I don't know where the line is to say "I love you and want to help you, but I need some time to myself." I feel selfish if I say something like that, and worry that I'm not giving my wife the help that she desperately needs. I suggested last night that I wanted to spend some "guy" time to just leave the house and do something for myself for a little bit. I'm sure this is just a part of my grieving process, but I can't help but feel guilty.

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short and tall said...

Hi Eric.

You for sure don't know me. I just met you by following links on Haily's Facebook to your blog. I saw your tweets on the side and got a little concerned.

This must be an incredibly difficult time for all of you. I cried just reading what you wrote about it.

Please take care of yourself. Remember that you are a beloved son, husband, and father.

The people around you aren't perfect, but God is. Heavenly Father is there for you even if you feel like no one else can be.