Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's September

And I was just getting used to it being August. I only just realized that Labor Day is next week.

Growing up in Idaho, the first week of September was always exciting. It signaled the opening of the Eastern Idaho State Fair, probably the biggest thing to hit the area. For a few dollars, we could see arts, crafts, livestock, and a selection of the best food to choose from. Over the years, different things would appeal to us, but we always had to get a tiger ear and go on the carnival rides. There were even years which found different members of our family behind the booths, serving up the ubiquitous tiger ears, and I later manned the booth for the TV station I worked for.

Different music acts, mostly country, would perform, and it was at the fair that I went to my first concert. What I consider to be my first real date was at the fair. And I'll always remember the night I came across my two best friends before and after they attacked a certain ride. The after was definitely worse than the before.

The pictures used for today's blog came from http://www.idahofallstoday.com/2008/08/31/idaho-state-fair/

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Jamie said...

ya! Im kinda sad. . . first fair I have missed in a LOOOOONG time. We wanted to try to go home, but not going to be able to. If you guys go home say "hi" to everyone for us. :)