Thursday, March 27, 2008

Legend of Link

One of my favorite series of games through the years has been "The Legend of Zelda." As kids, my brother borrowed the first two NES games from one of his friends. We were never able to get the hang of it, and life moved on. In college, I found a second hand Super Nintendo and Legend of Zelda, a Link to the Past and was hooked. Half the reason I bought a Nintendo 64 was to play Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. I've played the Gameboy and Gameboy Color games and just recently finished The Legend of the Windwaker - there's still a couple more games out there that I need to get my hands on and I eagerly look forward to when I can try them out.

The storyline is pretty simple. The main character, Link, must collect certain mystical items and gain a sword to fight the evil Gannon and rescue the princess Zelda in most games. You can obtain certain items like bows and arrows, mirrored shields, flutes, music wands, etc. to move on in each quest. The games are not exactly sequels or prequels of each other (see the Angry Video Game Nerd's diatribe on the chronology of Zelda), but it's hard to find a Zelda game that not only improves upon it's predecessor, but also moves the genre forward. They're fun games, and I highly reccommend playing them. If the current 3/d realtime games aren't your cup of tea, I would suggest "A Link to the Past." It features a great storyline, fun mini-quests, and is just an experience that you need to check out.

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