Monday, January 14, 2008

More pix

Here's a few more pictures of our family.

This is our most recent "family" picture, taken a month before Adrian was born.

Here's McKenna and Adrian with Grandma Warren
And with Grandma Bratton.
And McKenna trying to be a good big sister.


Hi! said...
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H.L. said...

What a sweet big sister.

Cami said...

Very Cute. I have the cutest niece and nephew around I think. Ha Ha!

Adrian Ropp said...

Yep... They just get cuter every day. I'm still biased, but I don't care!

H.L. said...

New pictures please.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! What cute kids. Hailey I can't believe you are one month away and you look so little. I look like a cow when I am one month away! Post some new pics so I can see your cuties!