Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm just so white and nerdy

Yeah, I guess I resemble Weird Al's latest anthem. I have argued as to whether Kirk or Picard is better (let's see, Royal Shakespearan actor verses the guy who hosted Rescue, 911). I want to ride a Segway. I haven't edited wikipedia, but I spend way too much time there. I used to collect cherry action figures. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I'm like a chubby version of JD from Scrubs, a bit too into being a geek. I love movies, I still read comic books, yet I've managed to move out of my mom's basement and get married. I even kissed a girl before I was thirty (take that Shatner!). Yeah, I wish I could've been one of the cool kids, someone that everyone looked up to and wished they could be. But I wasn't. My sense of self worth has grown since them. I'm comfortable with who I am and what I choose for my entertainment. And decorate my home with. And get yelled at by my wife for buying. Ah, who cares! I'm just so white and nerdy.


Adrian Ropp said...

I'm white and nerdy too, so I totally understand. You should feel good that you are at least able to stop working during normal hours to call your friends. I don't seem to have a grasp on that one just yet.

And by the way, I am proud of you.

msbaboon said...

Hi Eric, you're not alone, there are many, many white, nerdy guys around! You happen to be a fun nerd at least! I'm glad you've gained some self confidence, you deserve it! You are a great guy! Hope we can see you guys soon!
Jen Ropp