Monday, March 29, 2010

Maybe you had to be there

At my previous job,wildlife could be found in the landscaping to the east of the building and parking lot. It was always neat to be out walking around on a break and happen upon a rabbit or lizard out sunning itself on the sidewalk. I remember being told there was a coyote out there one night. But I most often saw a family of quail bobbing along.

I moved from that location about two years ago, and at my current location, wildlife is not too abundant, or at least it hides much better. But on my way home tonight, I saw something that made me laugh out loud. Another family of quail, this one alongside a busy freeway on-ramp. Busy in the sense that there were a lot of cars on it, not going anywhere fast, creeping along at five miles an hour. What made me laugh was not just seeing the quail bobbing as they moved along, but they were headed the same direction as the traffic, and keeping pace with the cars. It was one of those little moments where maybe you had to be there, but it's kept a smile on my face all night.

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