Saturday, January 09, 2010


I was given an ipod in mid-October. I uploaded all of my CDs to my computer and enjoyed an eclectic mix of music for the first month and a half. In late November, I realized I now had an excuse to listen to podcasts - and learned how to upload a show a friend of mine has been making for the past few years. As I dipped my toe into the world of podcasting, I did a search in iTunes for "Disney," and for some reason I'm still not sure of, added Window to the Magic as my second podcast.

Window to the Magic has been a game changer for me. For anyone who remotely enjoys visiting the Disney theme parks, this show is for you. While there is some discussion at times of news, the show, for the most part, is dedicated to bringing the in park experience to your ipod. From ride throughs of attractions, to listening to the bands which perform, to in depth shows about the history of rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Tours - this podcast has it all. I can't recommend it enough, and I can honestly say you're gonna love it.

I've since been adding podcasts like crazy. I came across The Mortis Matinee, a podcast which gathers a family together to watch a Disney film, then each member of the family has an opportunity to share their own review. I recently responded to a request for reviews of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and my email was read during the show.

I'm actually starting to wonder if I could put together a podcast, but I have no idea what it should be about. I really don't want to be derivative of anyone else, but it seems like a great outlet.

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DisneyETC podcast said...

If you do start a podcast I suggest you hurry up! Some good titles are already being taken up. Trust me, I host the DisneyETC podcast and after a few episodes I did after I started, I decided to google DisneyETC and found that there was a blog named Disney, etc. I recommend both ;) . Good luck!