Thursday, January 08, 2009

Talk Time

I met Haily and the kids in town today after work. While Haily and Adrian went to Fry's, McKenna and I went home and started taking down our outside Christmas lights. We have/had several strings along the rafters of the house, then down in the yard we had two strings on a couple of bushes and some more running through some river rock that winds through the front yard. We also had these three foot tall multi-colored candy canes along the driveway and the front walk. I got everything put up, except for the lights running along the roof.

I was starting to wrap up my job, when Haily pulled in and started getting Adrian out of her car. Just then, my phone rang. The caller ID came up as "Bishop." I figured I was probably going to be asked to come in for a calling. To my surprise, the Bishop mentions that he needs some help for Sacrament Meeting and asks if we could talk. I told him I needed to get permission first, and ask Haily if she would like to give a talk as a couple, before the Bishop interjects to say he only needs one of us to talk. Guess who got nominated?

So, I get to talk on "Blessings that come from heeding the prophet's voice." Time to crack open the last conference issue of the Ensign, eh?

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Cami said...

Lucky you!