Sunday, December 14, 2008

What the hey . . .

So, I'm just perusing the internet, and have nothing better to do, why not update my blog, since I'm so good at updating it! (yeah, right).

I enjoy the Christmas season. The trees, decorations, lights, general feeling of goodwill everywhere except the mall and Walmart. It's been a very good year. It started with the birth of my son, who has just learned how to walk this last week. My sister-in-law Jamie recovered from her double lung transplant and now she and her husband, my brother, moved to the Phoenix area last month. I went through a huge change at work that forced me from a job I enjoyed to one I hated, but was able to find something better. I've visited Pittsburgh for the first time, and got to visit Washington D.C. for the second time in my life. On the down side, Haily lost her job in October and is still looking for something, but we're healthy, happy, and are doing fairly well despite the lost income.

I'm glad I've taken some time to really evaluate where I am, and what I have, and how lucky I am to have my family. I know I am truly blessed.

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