Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Flying like a pro part 1

Working inside the airline industry has really opened my eyes to the other side of the coin. Just watching an episode of Airline can really give you a good idea of what airline employees face every day. As my little contribution, I'm beginning a multi part listing to give you an idea of how to make the most of your flight. Policies may vary between airlines, so always verify and double check with your carrier if you have any questions.

Before Buying
* Be flexible. Many travel websites can offer multiple fares if you travel one day earlier or later. Some will show the rate even before looking at itineraries. Also, fares can differ on different flights.
* When pricing flights, be sure to specify the number of seats that you are looking for. You may find a great rate, but it may only be for one person, and not available for your party of six.
* Consider insurance. Flight insurance may be an option that can save you money if your flight needs to be changed. Most insurance policies will not cover changes that are not related to illness or emergency.
* Read Everything. Your ticket may have fees for itinerary changes.
* Double check. Be sure that you are purchasing the flight that you want to take. Any change could be costly.

After Purchasing
* Double check again. - even if you have not received an email, verify your flights with the airline before midnight just in case you find out your flying to Minneapolis instead of New Orleans.

Tomorrow: Changes

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